Portland Fish Exchange


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  • Tom Valleau, President    Public Class C    10/31/20
  • Matt Tarasevich,  Vice-President    Public Class C    10/31/21
  • Tim Merrill,  Buyer Class B    10/31/21   
  • Ellen Sanborn, Treasurer/Secretary    City Class D
  • Nick Mavodones,    City Class E
  • Rob Odlin,    Seller Class A    10/31/21
  • Nick Alfiero,    Buyer Class B    10/31/20
  • Avis Leavitt,    Seller Class A    10/31/20

About the Board

The Portland Fish Exchange is America’s first all-display fresh fish and seafood auction, operated in Portland, Maine. The exchange offers a fair and open marketplace bringing together fishing vessels (sellers) with seafood wholesalers and processors (buyers).

Fresh fish and seafood are unloaded from fishing vessels daily and displayed for buyers to make purchasing decisions. The auction is conducted at midday. Products purchased are destined for restaurants, markets, and processing plants within hours of vessel landings. The Portland Fish Exchange Board governs the Portland Fish Exchange.