Peaks Island Ferry Landside Operations Study

In September 2019 the City of Portland began work, in collaboration with Casco Bay Lines, on the Peaks Island Ferry Landside Operations Study.  The study is examining infrastructure in the vicinity of the Peaks Island ferry landing and the potential effects of existing and future trends in levels of passengers, vehicles, and freight. The study’s goal is to find opportunities to improve the accessibility, safety, and efficiency of the Peaks Island landing as well as the intersection of Franklin Street-Commercial Street-Maine State Pier. A final report will include a menu of strategies that address issues identified over the course of the study.

Two phases of the study have been completed to date: 

•    Phase 1 looked at the existing passenger, vehicle, and freight use of the Peaks Island ferry and the infrastructure serving it. Data was collected on Peaks Island in advance of and during the busy Labor Day Weekend in 2019 and past data collection efforts were reviewed. The Phase 1 report can be downloaded here

•    Phase 2 looked at trends in levels of passengers, vehicles, and freight as well as the potential influences of vessel capacity and the growth in activity on Peaks Island and projected the impacts of future demand. The Phase 2 report can be downloaded here.

•    Phase 3, the current phase, involves developing the study’s recommendations through additional analysis and public involvement. A public survey was conducted in early to mid-July, and a public meeting was held on July 16.  The presentation slides from the July 16th meeting can be found here.  The recording of the meeting can be found here.  A summary of comments, questions and polling results during the meeting can be found here.  Based upon the input from the public meeting and the survey, the consultant and the project team will develop draft recommendations to be included in a Final Report. 

If you have questions about the study or would like to share your thoughts or observations, please send an email to Bruce Hyman, Transportation Program Manager at the Department of Planning and Urban Development,