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Sanitation crews WILL collect trash & recycling on Patriot's Day, Monday, April 21, 2014!  (4/11/2014)
The City of Portlandís Solid Waste crews WILL collect trash and recycling on most Federal Holidays in 2014. All items need to be placed curbside by 6:30 a.m. to ensure collection. More

Bulky Item Collection Program to begin April 1, 2014  (12/6/2013)
The City of Portland will continue the curbside Bulky Item Collection service for City residents beginning April 1, 2014. More

Sub-Meter Applications Available June 6, 2013  (6/6/2013)
Public Services Department to take over the application process for obtaining a sub-meter beginning June 6, 2013.† Applications are available on this site or the Public Services front desk. More

Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan Tier III Update Final Report  (5/2/2013)
The City of Portland has received DEP Approval for the Final CSO Control Plan for Tier III. We want to alert you to the fact that City Council will take up the Bond Authorization for implementing the CSO Tier III program at their May 6 and May 20 City Council meetings. An order will be before the City Council to authorize $170,000,000 in sewer bonds for the construction of the projects called for in the Tier III Plan. May 6 will serve as the first read but also a public hearing. May 20 will be the final read and vote on the authorization. To view the full document please click here. More

City to Host Public Meeting Regarding Proposed Evergreen Cemetery Expansion Project  (3/27/2014)
The City of Portland is hosting a meeting regarding the proposed Evergreen Cemetery expansion project More

USM announces the 3rd Annual Community Electronic Waste Recycling Day  (3/11/2014)
It's Spring Cleaning Time! USM announces the 3rd Annual Community Electronic Waste Recycling Day! More

Find Your Trash and Recycling Day  (2/23/2007)
Have a question on when your trash or recycling is picked up? More

public space permitting

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Athletic Facility Use Permit
Community Ctr Rental App
Banner Hanging Application
Process for Use of Public & Open Space
Summer in the Parks Concerts
Use of Public Space App
The use of public space, to include our City parks and open spaces, for events, group gatherings and organized festivals is one of the many services Parks & Recreation assists in managing.  The application for use of public space begins here in the Recreation Division.  Depending on the event, we will issue the permit, or if needed, guide you to the appropriate department for additional permitting.

Park Use

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I smoke in the parks?
Any public areas where people (especially children) gather or play, are now considered "smoke free" zones. The "Back Cove Walking Path" is part of the "smoke free" zone as well.

Are there any public toilet facilities?
Many of our parks do have bathroom facilities (Porta-toilets ~ Spring through Fall):
Deering Oaks – The Castle (2 indoor toilets) Open all year (9am – 5pm)
Deering Oaks – Porta-toilet (dirt lot opposite the playground)
Payson Park – Porta-toilet (dirt lot between the park and Seaside Nursing)
Preble Street Parking Lot – Porta-toilet
East End Beach – Beach House (2 indoor) Open May – October (9am – 5pm)
East End Beach – Porta-toilet near Beach House

Where are the trash barrels?
Our policy is now "carry in / carry out." There are a limited number of trash barrels in the parks (most parks have none at all). To keep our parks clean, please make sure that you bag up and remove all your trash.

Which parks have picnic tables?
Picnic tables are in limited numbers. Deering Oaks and Payson Park do have tables.

Can I barbecue in a park?
If there is NOT high fire danger, grilling is allowed in Portland's parks. However, there are no grills installed in the parks so you must bring your own portable grill. GAS grills only / NO charcoal. Please use common sense and take safety precautions when barbecuing. Remember to clean up the grounds and remove your trash from the park.

Is alcohol allowed in the park?
Alcoholic beverages (wine, wine coolers, beer, distilled beverages, etc.) are not allowed in the parks or on any city public property.

Does Portland have Park Rangers?
Park Rangers patrol the parks all year long. They drive green pickup trucks and are dressed in uniform. If you need assistance, please flag one down. Park Rangers may also stop in at permitted events and gatherings to check in with users of the parks. Park Rangers also talk to elementary school classrooms about the outdoors.

Can I hold a birthday party for my child in a park?
Yes. If you would like to reserve a certain area of a park for your party, then a permit from Parks & Recreation needs to be issued. Usually, parks are large enough so that space for 25 family members and friends can easily be found.

Is there electricity I can use in a park?
Some parks do have electrical outlets. These are shut off and are only for permitted uses.

When is a permit needed for an event in a park?
A permit is needed when 25 or more individuals are anticipated to attend an organized event (or when items – such as: canopies/tents, film equipment, musical equipment, etc. - are placed down on city property), (or when electricity is needed for an event). Typical events that would need a permit are: Road Races, Walkathons, Rallies, Large Family Reunions, Weddings, Block Parties, Concerts, Press Conferences, Company Outings, Film Shoots / Photo Shoots, Fundraisers.