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September 22, 2020 4:36 PM

Stay the Course: Latest COVID-19 News


Governor Mills issued an Executive Order, effective November 5, requiring Maine people to wear face coverings in public settings, regardless of the ability to maintain physical distance. This was issued on the day Maine recorded 183 new cases of COVID-19, the highest single-day increase since the beginning of the pandemic. Masks should now be worn in outdoor spaces, including but not limited to playgrounds, parking lots, sidewalks, athletic and sports venues, and other areas such as lines for takeout service where the public typically gathers in a smaller area — in addition to indoor spaces.

Effective Wednesday, November 4, indoor gatherings will return to a maximum of 50 people, regardless of capacity. The gathering limit on outdoor activities remains at 100 people under existing guidelines, with physical distancing and the use of face coverings. Occupancy limits for retail establishments will remain at 5 people per 1,000 square feet of shopping space. The Mills Administration had previously increased indoor seating limits to 50 percent of permitted capacity or 100 people, whichever was less.

With colder weather upon us, we know it's tempting to want to move those outdoor gatherings inside. But with COVID-19 cases on the rise in Maine, please avoid hosting or attending indoor gatherings consisting of individuals outside of your immediate household.

If attending an indoor gathering is absolutely necessary:

Stay home if you are sick

Wash or sanitize your hands before entering and upon exiting the indoor space

Wear a mask at all times. Masks are most essential in times when physical distancing is difficult (e.g., when moving within a crowd or audience).

Maintain physical distancing (of 6 feet or more) when possible.


The City of Portland launched a new campaign in September 2020 to remind people to ‘Stay the Course’ to prevent further COVID-19 spread. Residents, businesses, and visitors to Portland are encouraged to visit for information related to the four pillars of keeping Portland healthy -- washing hands, wearing a mask, physical distancing, and avoiding large gatherings -- as well as information on where to get tested, latest updates from the City and City Hall services, FAQs, and downloadable resources for businesses and other organizations to use.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to keep doing what is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at a time when some may be getting fatigued, but compliance is just as important, if not more, as we head into cold and flu season. The campaign is made possible by funds the City received through the State of Maine’s Keep Maine Healthy grant.

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