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Parks Commission Ft Gorges Trip 2019

About the Commission

The Parks Commission is a group of volunteer members of the community who are interested in the stewardship of the City of Portland Parks. Each month the Commission meets with the Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department and the Parks Director to review projects and proposals.

The Commission also receives citizen input prior to and during each monthly public meeting to provide recommendations to the Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities and the City Council.

mission statement

The Mission of the Portland Parks Commission is to advocate for the enhancement and stewardship of our parks and open spaces, to review and propose projects that impact parks and open spaces and recommend appropriate action, to foster collaboration among park users and the City, to promote public access and enjoyment of our parks and open spaces, and to advocate for public and private funding for parks and open spaces.  Enjoy Portland for Life! 


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
First Thursday of each month
City Hall, Room 24
389 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101


Meeting minutes are available following approval.
View All Agendas and Minutes

Information related to the proposal for the Baxter Woods Leash Ordinance Change that will be discussed at the April 4 Parks Commission meeting can be found in the agenda center via the link above or directly here


Love Portland square Portland's Parks Commission worked tirelessly with the Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department to recreate the Parks Gift Catalog as a digital catalog, now titled "Love Portland".

Portland’s parks and open spaces are a treasure – an important element of who we are. They anchor Portland’s spectacular natural setting and offer repose and recreation for the population of Maine’s largest city and for her many visitors.

Of all the cities in the United States, none can compete with Portland’s unique natural setting – overlooking the beauties of Casco Bay, her islands and seaway to the East, and the White Mountains to the West. Portland’s parks ensure that these priceless vistas can be enjoyed by present and future generations of Portland residents and visitors. Portland’s parks did not just happen. They resulted from the vision, dedication, and generosity of many Portland residents and friends over the past two centuries. Public support for parks and open spaces is organized through the Parks Commission and the many Friends groups for Portland’s parks and open spaces. Actual implementation of parks improvements is managed by the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Facilities. These contributions act as an important supplementary roles in making Portland's parks as special as they are today.

CLICK THE LOVE PORTLAND LOGO throughout our website or TEXT "PORTLAND" TO 71777 to see the several tax deductible ways that you can contribute to the improvement of Portland’s parks, either through contributions for specific park amenities or support for recreational programs.

Proposed Baxter Woods Ordinance Change Documents

Green Space Gathering

The Green Space Gathering is an annual occasion for the Parks Commission and the public to celebrate the significant triumphs the City's parks have made throughout the year. 
2019 Green Space Gathering - May 2nd, 2019 at 5:00 PM at Rowe Elementary School
Together We Are Parks

Commission Members

  • Amy Segal, At Large
  • Ana Lagunez, At Large
  • Caitie Whelan, At Large
  • Colette Bouchard - "I have lived in Portland since 1983 and have been on the board of the Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) since its start in 1999. I served on committees to plan, design, and fund the Bayside Trail and have also been involved in identifying tree sites, doing cleanups, and improving the community garden. Helping to make our city more beautiful, safe, and healthy for all of us is an enjoyable and very worthwhile pursuit."
  • Cynthia Loebenstein, Chair- "Cynthia is a resident in the Deering Center area of Portland where she has lived for 30 years raising two daughters with her husband Tom. She is a practicing architect and a past president of the Friends of Evergreen (Cemetery). As a tennis player, hiker, biker and paddler, she is an avid proponent of Portland Parks and is proud of this beautiful city by the sea."
  • Dory Waxman, At Large
  • Jon Kachmar, Land Bank Commission
  • Marie Gray, Friends of Deering Oaks Park Rep
  • Mayor Kate Snyder
  • Michael Mertaugh, V. Chair, At Large - "I came to Portland in 2008 after a thirty-year career as an economist for the World Bank, working with governments on projects and policy analysis in in more than thirty countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and the former Soviet Union. Portland's magnificent parks were one of the reasons why my wife and I decided to relocate to Maine. I currently am a trustee of the Friends of Evergreen Cemetery, and until recently served on the Board of Greater Portland Landmarks. I am pleased to be able to serve on Portland's Parks Commission to help protect and improve our magnificent parks as a permanent asset for all of Portland's residents and visitors."
  • Nathan Robbins, At Large -"He has worked in state and local park systems since 2007 and, as a Portland resident, is a regular user of and advocate for the city’s parks. He is proud to be on Portland’s Parks Commission and is passionate about parks as a means to grow and maintain economic vitality, offer a respite for healthy recreation and reflection, provide clean air and water, support wildlife, and link communities together."
  • Zack Anchors, Friends of Eastern Prom. Rep. -"He is a native of Old Town, Maine who now lives on Munjoy Hill and serves on the board of the Friends of the Eastern Promenade. He owns Portland Paddle, a sea kayaking and paddleboarding outfitter based at the East End Beach. Zack also works as a freelance writer and teacher."

Staff Members

  • Sally DeLuca, Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities
  • Alli Carroll, Senior Administrative Officer

Parks Commission Annual Report

Historical Park Commission Annual Reports